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Empowering millennials to become educated and confident about finances and investing

Your American Dream is Important

Many of us haven’t received the education about finances in a way that matters or is able to be implemented in our lives. Money might seem scarce and scary between paying bills, managing debt, and making sure we have enough left over to survive. That means that when it comes time to invest, we could be left thinking it’s impossible.

This program is designed to help you figure out money basics- from saving to credit cards to buying your first home, we’re all about helping you uncover how to make your money really work for you so you’re not left feeling behind in the game of life.

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To a lot of millennials, money is confusing...

Your American Dream is important, and it likely will not come to life if you don’t have money. That’s just the simple truth for most of us. But let’s be real, in order to get the kind on money it really takes to enjoy our retirements, or fund our children’s college education, or travel the globe, create our own business, or climb mount Everest, we’re going to need more money than we’ll be able to save. So where does that leave us?

Thankfully, there’s a historically proven way to make your money work for you in the stock market. A way that has been studied and scrutinized by multiple Nobel-prize winners and academic in the country, and it’s really pretty simple. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but it is pretty simple.

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