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The current average four-year cost for an in-state university is almost $100,000! Private college? Double it; and that’s an average private!

With absurdly high and ever-increasing college costs and average graduation rates of almost six years (per child), like most parents, you’re probably concerned about paying for college without going broke or taking on significant student loan debt.

Will you need to sacrifice your retirement savings outlook in order to help educate your children? Will they be burdened with crippling student-loan debt?

Parents of college-bound children should be able to expect more than just simplistic, one-size-fits-all college savings strategies from their financial advisor.

With Aspen Asset Management, you can expect more and we’ll deliver more!

Whether your income is $70,000 or $700,000, and whether your child is 7 months or 17 years old, Aspen Asset Management is going to help you save ON, not just FOR the cost of college.

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How? By helping you make well-informed college planning and funding decisions at every step along the way. We will:

Aspen Asset ManagementShow you practical and actionable strategies for reducing your out-of-pocket college costs – regardless of your finances.

Aspen Asset ManagementAdvise you on how to become eligible for more financial aid and grants for college.

Aspen Asset ManagementHelp you decide which college savings option is best suited for you and suggest effective strategies for funding any shortfalls.

Aspen Asset ManagementInform you about merit scholarships for college that your student is eligible for and how to obtain them.

Aspen Asset ManagementProvide you access to hands-on coaching and guidance through the entire college admissions, financial aid and forms process – to help you in your efforts to send your student to the right college, for the right reasons and at the right price!

Contact Aspen Asset Management at 970-925-3500 today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and learn how we can help you send your child to college without going broke in the process!

After scheduling your consultation, complete the dataform and you’ll see the answers to some very important questions that will start you on the process of saving ON and not just for college costs!.

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